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US IT Recruiter

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About Course

US IT Recruiter

US IT Recruiters is a short form for the phrase, ‘USA Information Technology For Information Technology Recruiters’. US IT Staffing is one of the most growing industries across India. US IT Staffing as a career would be one of the best choices for anyone looking to grow into the recruitment sector.

About this Course

This is an intermediate-level course that will develop you into a full-fledged recruiter with all the necessary skills to survive in the cut-throat competitive job market of today. You will not only learn the basics of recruitment but also will learn about all the necessary tools and techniques to excel as a recruiter.

Who should opt for this Course?

  • A fresher who has interest in recruitment, has good interpersonal skills and is loves interacting with people.
  • A recruiter who belongs to a different industry but would like to switch to IT recruitment.
  • An IT Recruiter who would like to sharpen his/her skills and learn about the trending tools and technologies in today’s market.

Why you should opt for this Course (Why a career in US Staffing)?

  • USA IT Staffing is a multi-million dollar industry.
  • There are thousands of small and big firms who are into IT recruiting, Staffing and Consulting.
  • It’s an evergreen field and there are numerous job opportunities throughout the year.
  • Other than a handsome salary there are numerous perks that are offered by the staffing companies that include uncapped incentives, free meals, cab service, Mediclaim etc.

Course Details

Week 1: 

  • Recruitment Overview.
  • Overview of US Recruitment.
  • Introduction to basic terminologies.
  • Introduction to various departments of a Staffing company.

Week 2:

  • Overview of US Time Zones.
  • Overview of US Employment Visa’s.
  • Overview of US Tax Terms.
  • Overview of End to End IT recruitment.
  • Hands on experience of Resume sourcing.

Week 3:

  • Extensive Job portal training.
  • Extensive ATS training.
  • Introduction to various sourcing techniques.
  • Introduction to Boolean search strings, X-ray searches etc.
  • In depth training on Job description Analysis.

Week 4:

  • In depth training on various IT Technologies.
  • In depth training on various IT skills.
  • Hands on calling experience.
  • Emphasis on soft skills.
  • Complete overview of Job posting.

Week 5:

  • Rigorous calling for recruitment.
  • Extensive training on Job portals, Boolean searches, Job description analysis and ATS.
  • Regular brush-up sessions with individual candidates.



  • With the knowledge acquired from this course, an IT Recruiter will be able to have conversations that would generate more recruiting business from a client
  • And this will be achieved not by doing any sales pitch, but by genuinely helping the clients by suggesting IT Solutions to the clients
  • An IT Recruiter will be able to analyze the client’s IT environment and look for possible business opportunities
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What Will You Learn?

  • A Corporate Trainer will provide you with live Classes
  • Latest working tools & Software

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